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Management Team

Grigoriy Kocharov
CEO of IBS, Director of Business Solutions Division
Leonid Zabezhinskiy
Deputy General Director for Organisational Development at IBS
Aleksandr Saksin
Deputy General Director, Director of Business Development Division at IBS
Elena Sharova
Deputy General Director, Director of Cooperation Programmes Division at IBS
Dmitry Galagan
Executive Partner of “State Programs” Segment at IBS
Yuri Evtushik
Executive Partner of “Business Solutions” Segment at IBS
Andrei Kelmanzon
Executive Partner of “Outsourcing and Services” Segment at IBS
Georgiy Polikhronidi
Executive Partner of “infrastructure and Informational security” Segment at IBS, CEO of IBS Platformix
Elena Sayapina
Executive Partner of “Business Consulting” Segment at IBS
Ilia Tretiakov
Executive Partner of “Financial Institutions” Segment at IBS
Pavel Eydeland
Executive Partner of “Development and Testing” Segment at IBS
Vitaly Danilchuk
Executive Partner of “Energy and Housing and Communal Services” Segment at IBS
Shamil Aminev
CEO of Ltd “Sila”
Pavel Kutuzov
Director of Operating Efficiency Department at IBS
Svetlana Perlova
Controller at IBS
Alena Tolkach
Marketing Director at IBS
Marina Torgovkina
HR Director at IBS