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Yevgeniy Peskin

Deputy General Director of Legal Affairs of IBS

Yevgeniy Georgievich Peskin has been working in the management of IBS since 1998. He is a member of the Board of Directors and is in charge for legal affairs of the company.

Yevgeniy Peskin
Yevgeniy Peskin, IBS. Photo: Press-service IBS

Work experience

Yevgeniy Peskin has considerable experience in innovation companies and project management, large mergers and acquisitions, company re-engineering and investments. He has headed projects to create Parter.ru, the first Russian company to sell tickets for events through an online booking system, and Podberi.ru, a shopping comparison site which has since been acquired by Yandex and transformed into Yandex.Market.

Before coming to IBS he worked as a top executive at an international communications company. Since 1989 he has played an active role in the creation of the Russian internet, and was one of the founders of Relkom, as well as being director of the Russia Online project.


Graduated from the Faculty of Cybernetics, MIREA (now the Moscow Technology Institute) specialising in Applied Mathematics.

Awards and achievements

In 2014-2019 he was included among the best senior managers in IT according to the annual "Top 1000 Russian Managers" list by the Russian Managers Association and the Kommersant newspaper.

In 1996 became Mir Internet magazine’s "Network Man", and has been named among the leading managers in the Russian computer industry on several occasions.