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Yuri Evtushik

Executive Partner of “Business Solutions” Segment at IBS

Yuri Yurievich Evtushik joined IBS in 2011. Recently, he is in charge for development of sales, product portfolio, relations with customers and partners, as well as corporate strategy in business solutions segment.

Yuri Evtushik
Yuri Evtushik, IBS. Photo: IBS Press Office

Work Experience

2021 – present time, Executive Partner of “IBS Business Solutions” Segment.

2020–2021, Director of Business Solutions Division in IBS.

2016–2021, Director of “Gas” Segment in IBS.

2011–2016, IBS Project Director.


In 2019 – graduated with MBA from the Moscow International Higher Business School (Institute) MIRBIS on the program “Strategic Management”.

In 2007 – graduated from the Russian Economic University named after G.V. Plekhanov (Financial Faculty).

In 2007 – graduated from the Interindustry Institute of Technology on major “Accounting and Audit”.

In 2001 – graduated from the Russian University of Transport (MIIT) (“Technical Cybernetics” Faculty).