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Challenges in the development of cybersecurity
  1. The need to develop and implement new architectural solutions for information security and refine the information security process model due to the exit of foreign IT and information security vendors from the domestic market and the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) threats.
  2. The lack of mechanisms for situational assessment of the effectiveness of information security.
  3. The insufficiency of domestic corporate means of operational technical control of information security and proactive protection of IT infrastructure and AI.
  4. The underdevelopment of the practice of developing and implementing industry-specific information security solutions that best meet business needs.
How IBS CyberSec closes challenges
The Cybersecurity business line from IBS provides services in the field of predictive consulting and modeling of the effectiveness of information security systems, the introduction of proactive architecture, and the development and implementation of means to counter threats of artificial intelligence based on its methodology for ranking and detecting such threats.
The integrated implementation will allow blocking and preventing the activation of existing and prospective threats to information security.

IBS CyberSec solutions

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