Personal Data Policy

In order to ensure compliance with your rights in the field of personal data protection, we hereby notify you that the contact information and other information related to you (hereinafter referred to as Personal Data) provided by you (if provided, for example, when registering on the website, participating in online surveys and in other cases) will be added to the electronic database of companies operating under the IBS brand (hereinafter referred to as IBS). Your provision of Personal Data by entering it in a special field on the website is your consent to the processing of Personal Data in accordance with the conditions and purposes specified below.

The Personal Data will be processed (including (but not limited to), collected, stored, depersonalized, distributed (including cross-border transfer), accumulated, systematized, copied, clarified) for the purposes of sending you information materials: about IBS events, services provided by IBS, prepared IBS research, publications on IBS websites, as well as to establish personal contacts with you in order to disseminate the above information.

For the purposes of data processing, IBS may transfer Personal Data exclusively to its employees and third parties who have signed a personal commitment to ensure the confidentiality of the information received. Personal Data may be brought to the attention of other persons exclusively in a statistically processed form, excluding the possibility of identifying you as the person to whom the data relates.

If you wish to receive information about the personal data related to you or change the information provided by you, do not agree with the terms of Data processing or the fact of its implementation, as well as with our intention to send you information materials, you can send us your objections.

Legal information

Please note, this website is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is a public offer determined by the provisions of Part 2, Clause 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. For detailed information about the cost and timing of services, please, contact the company's specialists directly.

The information provided on the website is prepared solely to create a general idea of the topics discussed, as well as services provided by companies operating under the IBS brand (hereinafter referred to as IBS), and does not constitute professional advice. There are no guarantees, express or implied, regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in the publications on the site. Unless otherwise provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, companies operating under the IBS brand, their employees and authorized representatives do not bear any responsibility for any consequences arising from anyone's (in)actions based on the information contained on the site, or for making decisions based on information provided in publications on the site.

The excerpts from third-party publications contained on the site are provided solely for illustrative purposes; the information contained in these excerpts has not been verified by IBS, and does not reflect the IBS opinion. The use of third-party excerpts does not constitute confirmation of the information contained therein.

All quotations posted on the website are designed for informational or educational purposes to the extent justified for citation in accordance with Clause 1274 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

All trademarks used on the site belong to their owners. By using these logos and trademarks, IBS in no way pursues economic or other benefits from their use. Text and graphic elements of trademarks are used solely for informational purposes and can be removed at the request of the copyright holder.

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