The IBS Group of Companies creates and develops comprehensive project programs and large-scale information systems that are significant for the state and public.

The efficiency of the entire domestic economy and the well-being of each citizen directly depend on the work of state institutions. Modern digital technologies help modernize key processes quickly. Offering and implementing technological solutions, the IBS team relies on deep industry expertise, its import-substituting products, and unique experience in managing huge project programs.


Dmitry Galagan
Managing Partner of Government Programs
+7 (495) 967-80-80

He is responsible for sales excellence, the development of the product portfolio, relationships with customers and partners, and the company’s strategy in the sphere of government programs.

Aleksandr Tolgsky
Head of Government Sector Relations
+7 (495) 967-80-80

He ensures the establishment, maintenance, and development of relations with customers, along with the quality control of project execution and the generation of ideas for new products of the company. He provides business development in Government Programs.

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