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We will check the quality of your application, system, product. We help our customers keep their finger on the pulse, even during rest

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IBS QA Solutions is an IBS software testing and development center. We help produce modern digital products and high-quality software. By reducing the risk of errors and cutting the time to market, we make your project successful and efficient.

IBS QA Solutions is a unified software testing and development expertise for industry solutions. An extensive knowledge base on approaches and artifacts of the quality control process, diverse project experience in testing and developing information systems of various types, and the necessary infrastructure for testing ensure that you make the right decision when choosing our company as a partner.

Pavel Eideland
Managing Partner of Software Development & QA, IBS
«Thanks to many years of experience, we have created unique methodologies and specialized employee training programs. We also formulated approaches to building quality control processes that take into account the features of different classes of systems and business segments in which these systems are used»

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