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Digital Transformation is Launched
Expert opinion of Dmitriy Karasov, the Head of Metallurgy Unit of IBS
Dmitriy Karasov
14 November 2020
Russian Gazette, Special issue No. 252(8306)
New Challenges at the “Blue Collar” Market: How to a Create Competitive Advantage in a Race for Candidates
Maxim Minakov, Director of Bulk Recruitment Services Programme at IBS, discusses how the pandemic affected the labor market in the e-grocery segment and explains what an employer needs to do to avoid staff shortages
Maxim Minakov
31 October 2020
Retail&Loyalty №7 (94) 2020
New Russian IT business
Flemming Rose meets Svetlana Balanova, the CEO of IBS, one of the leading IT service companies in Russia
Svetlana Balanova
02 July 2018
IBS website
Illusory world: the five chief myths of the digital economy
Special for Forbes, IBS's IT Director breaks down the main illusions related to the digital economy
Svetlana Balanova
19 September 2017
Dmitry Prokhorenko: "You don't have to love the robot Vera, but she's an efficient worker"
An interview with Dmitry Prokhorenko on the ‘proper’ way to digitise HR
Dmitriy Prokhorenko
07 August 2017
Pyaterochka and IBS discuss the results of digital HR transformation across the chain
Nationwide supermarket chain Pyaterochka announced the results of its digital HR transformation project implemented in partnership with Russian company IBS, a provider of comprehensive IT solutions
IBS team of experts
31 July 2017
IBS website