Power Generation, Housing & Utilities


Offering and implementing proprietary solutions, the IBS Group of Companies is focused on business effects and building a comprehensive integrated system taking into account the specifics of the industry. The project teams have high industry expertise and competencies in the fields of power generation housing and utilities.

Power generation is a backbone branch of the economy, critically important for the functioning of any sphere of activity and area of life. The specifics of the industry require automated and regulated processes built on the principles of reliability, efficiency, integrability, and social significance.

IBS has been working in the industry for many years and implements federal-scale ERP/EAM class systems for several thousand users. The company has proprietary solutions in the field of occupational health and safety using artificial intelligence (video analytics) and geolocation. IBS specialists also form competencies in customer service platform solutions.


Vitaliy Danilchuk
Managing Partner of Power Generation, Industry, Metallurgy, Telecommunications
+7 (495) 967-80-80

He is responsible for sales excellence, the development of the product portfolio, relationships with customers and partners, and the company’s strategy in power generation, industry, metallurgy, and telecommunications.

Andrey Kiselyov
Executive Partner of "Industry and Transport" Segment at IBS
+7 (495) 967-80-80

Andrey Eduardovich Kiselyov joined the IBS team in 2018. Currently, he is responsible for the development of sales, product portfolio, relations with customers and partners, the company's strategy in "Industry and Transport" Segment.

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