ESG & Sustainable Development

The topic of ESG and sustainable development occupies an important place in the global business and political agenda. Compliance with ESG requirements is a key factor in maintaining the competitiveness of the national economy and a priority task for business and the state

About direction

The contribution of IBS to the ESG agenda as a key business partner in the field of digital transformation is the creation and updating of the group’s strategy management systems in terms of collecting and presenting financial and non-financial information disclosed under the ESG agenda, management of organizational development, occupational safety and health, social protection, development of systems to increase the involvement of employees and contractors in the ESG agenda

Natalia Pochinok
Managing Partner of Digital ESG, IBS
«I see a great interest in digital solutions in the field of sustainable development at the level of federal and regional executive authorities. Digital ESG is designed to create convenient tools and new opportunities for the company’s customers to develop and increase economic efficiency»

IBS solutions in the field of ESG

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