Program Management

Formation and management of project programs for the effective implementation of strategic business development plans

About direction

Program Management is the joint formation and implementation of a project program with the customer based on the business and IT development strategy of the organization to combine all the key tasks of disparate projects, reduce uncertainty and risks, and coordinate management, methodological, and technological solutions.

Forming an integrated approach to project program management, we help our customers build a long-term business development pattern: form goals, strategy, and structure of the program, determine benefits and monitor achievement, develop general management principles and standards, resources, and plans, and report on allocated projects.
Integrated program management allows the forming and harmonizing of disparate technological solutions of individual projects into a single pattern and builds the right IT architecture. It also provides additional support for changes at the level of the customer’s key stakeholders.

IBS specialists will build work according to the management, planning, control, and reporting standards that are uniform and common for all projects within the program pattern.

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