The IBS Group of Companies provides fast and uninterrupted communication, helps deploy multi-cloud services, supports complex infrastructure solutions, implements management systems, takes care of the environment, and implements ESG principles.

Innovative social development places ever higher demands on the telecommunications services market. Even though the industry is already quite mature in Russia, it is important to constantly and actively develop, which will ensure the smooth operation of the most important sectors of the economy and the state as a whole.


Vitaliy Danilchuk
Managing Partner of Power Generation, Industry, Metallurgy, Telecommunications
+7 (495) 967-80-80

He is responsible for sales excellence, the development of the product portfolio, relationships with customers and partners, and the company’s strategy in power generation, industry, metallurgy, and telecommunications.

Grigory Chetiy
Head of the Directorate of “Metallurgy and Telecom” Segment at IBS
+7 (495) 967-80-80

He is responsible for the development of the company’s business strategy in Metallurgy & Telecom, business efficiency in the segment, development and implementation of the project program, building long-term relationships with partners and customers, as well as the formation of an industry portfolio.

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