IBS and Zyfra Group Sign Partnership Agreement to Implement Import Substitution Projects in the IT Sector

Russian IT companies IBS and Zyfra have agreed to collaborate on implementing joint projects for the digitalization of industrial enterprises using domestic software solutions and hardware and software complexes.

The Zyfra Group creates solutions for the digitalization of production and business processes in industrial companies, using its own Zyfra Industrial IoT Platform. As part of the partnership, IBS will implement the ZIIoT digital production platform and build application services based on it for Russian customers, acting as an industry expert and integrator.

The second area of cooperation between the companies will be the joint development of software and hardware complexes for industry, including digital services for ZIIoT production. Industrial PACs have unique information security requirements as their software vulnerabilities can directly affect the operation of complex equipment and the continuity of production.

Based on their developments, IBS and Zyfra will also develop complex digital systems for industry. The synergetic combination of the IIoT platform ZIIoT, services for creating MES, EAM, ERP, and other solutions from Zyfra and IBS will allow to move from servicing local tasks to comprehensive digitalization of production based on Russian technologies.

“Our partnership aims to provide the market with reliable and functionally ready digital products that add value to industrial companies: tangible economic impact, comprehensive end-to-end analysis capabilities, and high decision-making speed. The IBS team is convinced of the high quality of the solutions range offered by the Zyfra Group and the responsible approach of the vendor company to their development and support,” Grigory Kocharov, CEO of IBS Group, said.

“We are interested in partners who are ready not only to implement our platform but also to jointly develop and apply it in large-scale digitization projects. The ZIIoT platform is open, which allows our partners to use it to develop specialized business applications to meet customer needs. IBS has built up significant industry expertise, working successfully with leading companies across a range of industries and understanding their needs. In 2023, we felt the increased market interest in our products. By combining our efforts, we will be able to offer customers solutions that can fully replace systems from foreign vendors,” Sergey Emelchenkov, CEO of Zyfra, said.

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