IBS developed and implemented an MES production management system based on the 1C platform for the ITMS Group

The domestic solution not only replaces the functionality of the used foreign MES system but also takes into account the customer’s additional requirements. The MES solution project implementation, a first for IBS, was at a high level and won the client’s trust.

The company’s localization and the disconnection of the Russian branch from global systems created risks for production. To ensure the technological autonomy of production, the customer initiated a transfer of functionality to a Russian IT solution. In September 2023, the ITMS Group completed the separation from the global company British American Tobacco (BAT).

Initially, the client set the task to preserve existing functionality. But thanks to the expertise of the IBS team, as well as the client’s open and active position, we managed to transform the request into the qualitative restructuring of the manufacturing execution system and the creation of a unique MES system.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

In the first phase, the project team examined the platform used in the enterprise. The specialists determined functional requirements for the solution to be developed, as well as identified business process bottlenecks that could be eliminated by automation tools. After that, the joint team of IBS and ITMS Group started the phase of full-fledged development, which took only 3 months.

As a result, they created a qualitatively new unified import-independent software platform for production management based on 1C. The new solution covered more functionality than the customer’s historical system and unified those company systems that were not previously linked. The company has established information flows and traceability of product manufacturing and ensured support of uninterrupted production. The platform solves the tasks of production dispatching, quality control, and in-house inventory control.

The work under the main contract has been completed, but the client wanted to continue developing the solution with the IBS team, and new functionality is now being implemented.

“Currently there is a trend in the market towards automation of production. There are few options for possible solutions with the withdrawal of Western vendors, and customers attach great importance to the experience of the team when choosing a contractor. The project for the ITMS Group became a showcase and demonstrated to the industry the high qualification of our team and professional capabilities to implement complex MES projects in a short period,” Evelina Gataulina, Sales Director at IBS, said.

“The manufacturing unit is the most critical for the company, so we were most careful in selecting both the solution and the team that would help replace the current Western solution. IBS has completed several projects for us, in which it proved to be a reliable partner. In addition, we made sure that IBS has extensive experience in implementing MES systems. Together with IBS specialists, we have created the most advanced system, considering our current and potential needs,” Igor Krivosheev, IT Director at ITMS Group, said.

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