IBS in the Top 5 Largest Retail IT Providers

TAdviser analysts have compiled a new rating of Russian IT companies in terms of revenue from retail projects.

IBS ranked 5th on the list with over RUB 3 billion in revenue from retail projects for 2022. M.Video, Cherkizovo, Komos Group, X5 Retail Group, and Mercedes-Benz Rus were among the largest IBS customers in this area last year.

In total, the rating included 50 companies. Their total revenue from retail projects for 2022 amounted to more than RUB 46 billion.

According to TAdviser, last year Russian retail faced a crisis that was the worst since 2015. Retail trade turnover fell by 6.7% to RUB 42.5 trillion. Among the main reasons are the reduction in the range of goods amid sanctions and a decline in the purchasing power of the population. At the same time, online retail, on the contrary, showed growth—by 38%, up to RUB 5.7 trillion.

Retail, as one of the digitalization leaders, was in the most difficult position due to the withdrawal of Western vendors. In 2022, there has been a decline in IT spending by retail companies and a freeze on many projects. At the same time, the demand for Russian software has increased. Enterprise resource planning systems proved to be the most demanded. ERP solutions accounted for the largest number of implemented projects.

The full rating is published on the TAdviser website

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