IBS is in the top 8 largest IT service providers according to TAdviser

TAdviser analysts presented a rating of the largest IT service providers in Russia in 2023. It was compiled by taking into account the companies' revenue for 2022.

IBS Group ranked 8th in the TAdviser rating. In 2022, its revenue amounted to almost RUB 12.9 billion, up 21.9% for the year.

A year earlier, IBS ranked 10th in the list of the largest IT service providers with annual revenue of more than RUB 10.5 billion.

In total, more than 130 companies were included in the new rating. Their total revenue from IT services in 2022 amounted to over RUB 470 billion. The year-on-year revenue growth was recorded for more than 100 participants of the rating.

TAdviser experts note that Russian IT companies face the future with confidence. According to preliminary estimates of the portal, by the end of 2023, the growth of the IT services market in the country amounted to 15%, and the market volume was RUB 670 billion. In 2024, the demand for IT consulting, and comprehensive modernization of the IT landscape is forecast to remain high; and the demand for IT outsourcing is expected to increase.

The full rating is published on the TAdviser website

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