IBS Launches a New Business Area — “Cybersecurity”

The IBS Group is launching a new business area — “Cybersecurity,” led by Oleg Bosenko, an expert with more than 40 years of experience in the field.

The “Cybersecurity” business area will provide services in the sphere of predictive consulting and modeling of the efficiency of information security systems, implementation of proactive architecture, and development and implementation of means of countering artificial intelligence threats based on its methodology of classification and detection of such threats. The integrated implementation of these areas makes it possible to block and prevent the activation of existing and future information security threats. Within this area creation framework, we plan to establish the IBS partner community, which will include suppliers and manufacturers of hardware and software solutions for various classes of information security means.

“Russian information security technologies commonly rely on the standards and architecture of foreign vendors, meaning the defense algorithms are well-known to a broad audience. We aim to develop innovative approaches and solutions that are difficult for cyber attackers to calculate.

When shaping the development strategy of a new business area for IBS, we consider two factors: the focus on information and technological independence and mathematically proven effective protection of implemented cybersecurity systems, as well as the development of in-house solutions, including those based on artificial intelligence in its positive application,” Oleg Bosenko, Director of the IBS Cybersecurity Directorate, comments.

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The new business area has over 30 qualified specialists who use their methodologies in partnership with major domestic IS companies and IS tool manufacturers to develop comprehensive proactive cybersecurity solutions to protect systems of any purpose and level of complexity.

Oleg Bosenko holds three university degrees in communications, information technology, and economics. He has more than 40 years of experience in the information security industry. He has worked in such companies as NPO RusBITech, Voentelecom, Roselectronics, Rosneft, and others.

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