Soyuzgeoservis Company Joins the IBS Group

Soyuzgeoservis, a software developer for the oil and gas industry, has joined the IBS Group. The E&P management solutions group will be part of the IBS product portfolio.

The main product group of Soyuzgeoservis is a software solution that automates all major exploration and production processes in oil and gas companies, providing an integrated environment for geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists, developers, and economists to work with a single database.

Currently, the solution consists of a database and eight functional packages. The software runs on Linux and Windows, covers everything from seismic exploration to field development, and supports PostgreSQL DBMS. Solutions of Soyuzgeoservis can be used both in complex and separately.

Implementation of the software allows for an increase in the efficiency of field development through the use of modern technologies (neural networks, statistical methods, etc.), minimizes the costs of data integration and management, improves the quality of geological and hydrodynamic models, contributes to the development of E&P processes of oil and gas companies and much more.

“The entire oil and gas market has historically operated and continues to work using software from Western vendors: Schlumberger, Halliburton (Landmark), etc. This has had an impact on the current situation, where the choice of domestic solutions is very limited in the context of import substitution. In this scenario, the software developed by the experts at Soyuzgeoservis over several years and primarily applied at the oil and gas companies of the nearest foreign countries has a wide functionality, an industry database based on the international POSC standard. These solutions can replace Western ones for many processes in exploration and production. As a result, we have an import-independent solution that has every chance to become an alternative to Western systems.

The IBS product portfolio includes software and industry systems, backed by years of experience, enabling us to provide a comprehensive production-level solution for exploration, production, and refining to the market. We intend to collaborate with industry institutes and departments to enhance the features of our software solutions and provide training to equip professionals with the necessary skills to operate these platforms,” Alexander Sokolov, Managing Partner of the Oil and Chemistry division at IBS, stated.

Soyuzgeoservis was established in 2003 in Tyumen. The primary focus of our organization includes software development and maintenance for exploration and production, as well as creating electronic archives through the use of geographic information systems. Additionally, we provide database quality control services, modeling services, and reserve calculation services to our clients.

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