IBS, the Skolkovo Foundation, and the Axiom JDK team Are the First in Russia to Launch Certification of Java Programmers

The IBS Training Center, the IT cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation, and the Axiom JDK team, the developer of the domestic Java platform, were pioneers in Russia in launching the certification of Java programmers.

The domestic certification system enables specialists to verify their proficiency in the programming language, which has been named the most popular programming language in Russia in 2022. In addition, companies will be able to audit employee qualifications and speed up import substitution projects to meet regulatory requirements.

The domestic certification system for Java developers is designed to replace Oracle products that are no longer available and fully meets the needs of the Russian market and international industry standards. IBS estimates that approximately 10,000 Java programmers achieve certification in Russia each year.

The primary benefit of this certification lies in its emphasis on practical applications. This can not only estimate one’s theoretical knowledge but expertise in contemporary Java development tools as well, particularly those pertinent to the IT industry in Russia. Participants will have access to the tools of the Java Axiom JDK Pro development and runtime environment included in the Russian software registry. Testing will be carried out in Russian, thus enabling the certification process and improving accessibility.

The program currently offers three certificate options. The basic certification level targets junior developers and enables them to formally demonstrate their grasp of essential aspects of the Java language, thereby distinguishing themselves in the job market. The “Specialist” certification is intended for mid-level developers and tests their understanding of language fundamentals and application concepts. The “Advanced” level certification targets Senior Engineers. This estimates their expertise in advanced class design, Java Collection Framework collections, Java Stream API functional programming, multi-threaded applications development, and other advanced topics. Certification is available in a face-to-face format in three cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Omsk.

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