In the gas industry, IBS has a high competence in the implementation of platforms, optimization of activities, reporting, and process management in vertically integrated companies. The solutions are based on a customer-oriented approach, understanding, and consideration of the strategic and operational tasks of customers.

The gas industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy, which is essential in creating the material and technical basis of the country. The IBS Group of Companies has established itself as a trusted professional partner responsible for the result. Since 2005, we have been acting as a committed partner in the implementation of projects in the main business lines of the gas industry. The company’s specialists have high technological expertise in solutions that increase management efficiency, improve internal business processes, and develop customer companies.


Maksim Shvedov
Managing Partner of the Oil & Gas and Chemicals
+7 (495) 967-80-80

He is responsible for sales excellence, the development of the product portfolio, relationships with customers and partners, and the company’s strategy in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals industries.

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