Nine IBS executives make Russia’s “Top-1000 Managers” list

The Russian Managers Association and “Kommersant” Publishing House have presented the 19th annual ranking of Russia’s best managers, the “Top-1000 Russian Managers” list.

Nine IBS executives ended up in the country’s list of best managers in the field of information technologies.

Top-1000 Managers

Svetlana Balanova Director General Ranking of top executives
Leonid Zabezhinsky Deputy Director General for Organizational Development Ranking of HR Directors
Yevgeny Peskin Deputy Director General for Strategy Ranking of corporate management directors
Tatiana Popova Deputy Director General Ranking of directors responsible for liaising with authorities
Sergey Rezontov* Chief Financial Director
*worked for “Mechel” at the time the ranking was put together
Ranking of finance directors
Alexander Saksin Deputy Director General, Director of the Key Accounts Division Ranking of commercial directors
Kirill Yukhnevich Director for Brand Development and Corporate Communications Ranking of marketing directors
Igor Tsimbalisty IT-Director Ranking of IT directors
Irina Koval Director for Purchasing and Logistics (IBS Platformix) Ranking of logistics directors
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