TsUM Corporate portal designed by IBS wins the Best Intranet Russia – 2018 contest

The new corporate portal of the TsUm Trading House has won the “Best Intranet Russia – 2018” competition. The solution’s developer, IBS, was highly praised by industry specialists, as well as by the Trading House’s managers and employees.

The forum held as part of the 14th “BEST INTRANET RUSSIA – 2018” contest included an awards ceremony honoring the competition winners. The portal of the TsUM Trading House won the contest in the “INTRANET as an HR and Employee Participation Tool” nomination. The portal was developed in partnership with IBS – a company with a great deal of experience in designing and implementing portal solutions.

The new portal is designed to simplify the everyday work and communications among employees, provide access to HR and corporate information, and improve internal services and involvement of personnel in the company’s operations. All this required systematizing corporate and HR information, designing a new data collection mechanism and, most importantly, making sure that information is made available to recipients in a simple, understandable and convenient fashion.

“Designing the new portal took us nine months. The solution was based on MS SharePoint 2013. As a rule, such portals have a homogeneous appearance but that is not the case when it comes to the TsUm portal. This corporate portal is designed to not only handle specific tasks of the target user groups, but to also create a bright and colourful meeting place for like-minded people interested in fashion, this is why it was decided that the portal should be designed from scratch taking into account the specificity of the business. In order to automate certain sections of the portal, we integrated it with 1С: HR & Pay, 1С: Administrative Support, Active Directory and MS SQL, including SSAS and SSRS”, – commented Rostislav Bratukhin, the IBS project leader, when asked about the company’s work on the portal.

The new portal made it possible:

  • To automate and simplify acquisition of employees’ contact information, as well as HR-related (employee’s job title, corporate division, supervisor, etc.) and corporate (news, announcements, special offers for clients) information;
  • To provide sales assistants with a unique instrument they can use to control their own effectiveness and efficiency (sales status, percentage of personal targets achieved, current ranking, etc.);
  • To improve the quality of internal services available to employees, e.g. to automate internal applications, reduce the queues and wait times in the corporate cafeteria, etc.

As a result, the corporate portal has become a convenient and reliable working tool for the entire company. The portal is very popular among employees. All sections of the portal are available on mobile devices.

Commenting on the competition outcomes, a TsUm Trading House representative said the following: “The “INTRANET as an HR and Employee Participation Tool” nomination is especially valuable for us, as much as the victory upon the whole. Our portal is unique: we did not want to copy an existing solution and we had our own special requirements. As a result, we improved the quality of internal services, accomplished our HR tasks, and acquired a beautiful product, which is important for us since we work in the fashion industry. On behalf of TsUM we extend our gratitude to the entire IBS team for the job they did on the project”.

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