IBS and Skolkovo Fund Had Started the Acceleration Initiative “Digital Innovations for Oil and Gas Industry”

Participants of the acceleration initiative will get feedback from the leading experts for development of their own business concepts, technological and marketing support, as well as opportunity to implement their own pilot project at platform of one of the largest oil and gas companies. In their turn, oil and gas companies will get access to the approved innovative solutions and to the sole executor, who will integrate such technologies and who will facilitate their scaling and development in future.

IBS had successfully realized a number of projects with leaders of oil and gas industry such as “Gasprom”, “Transneft”, “Lukoil”, Rosneft” “Gasprom Neft”, and etc. The Director of “Oil and Chemistry” Unit of IBS, Aleksander Sokolov, briefly reviewed the industry at the opening of the acceleration project. Amongst the main current market goals, he highlighted the development of the potential of existing resource base, maximization of the created cost of each barrel, and use of mined raw as efficient as possible. The expert highlighted the key role of digitalization in achievement thereof.

Amongst the most relevant technologies, Aleksander highlighted big data analytics, cloud computing, Internet of Things, computer vision, virtual and augmented reality, and robotics, and has drawn attention to the importance of cyber security. To that end, three main accelerator directions could be noted: digital data, digital alter ego, and digital solutions.

Development Director of IBS, Anton Denisov, told about the specific aspects of implementation of the digital technologies in oil and gas industry. According to the expert, regardless of the yearning for simplification of the digital project launch and management methodologies, comprehensive nature of the organizational structures of VIOC (vertically integrated oil companies) and development level of their IT-landscapes create additional, not always evident challenges in digitalization projects. Among other tasks, it involves the need for analysis of business strategies, preparation of the basis for implementation of investment project, development of architectural solutions according to technological strategies and technical policies of a company, and testing thereof with owners of the related systems.

Head of Acceleration Initiative, Director of the Department of Own Platforms of IBS, Elena Aleksandrova, told about program participation rules in detail. Application could be submitted at accelerator website by November 20, 2020. Top-10 Shortlist would be declared on December 22.

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