IBS launches new corporate HR web portal IBS.Sreda based on The Question technology

IBS has launched the IBS.Sreda web portal for corporate communications with employees, job seekers and the professional community, based on the question and answer platform TheQuestion. Now, any user can directly contact IBS experts and get answers to questions about working at the company, as well as on modern business and technology.

IBS.Sreda is a corporate HR portal, built using TheQuestion, that can be used by external users and company employees to ask each other questions and share knowledge and experience. Today, as IBS hires hundreds of new employees in different cities, the main goal of the service is to give applicants the opportunity to directly ask questions about the company to current employees.

The questions and answers published on IBS.Sreda, not only help to prepare for an interview but also give a “real-life” representation of the company. IBS employees will tell all about business and projects, corporate life, educational possibilities, employee bonuses and other aspects of a career with IBS. External experts took part in the project, for example Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who recently visited IBS’s Moscow office and answered questions from IBS employees and guests.

Thematic groups also appear on the IBS.Sreda site and are dedicated to different themes in the field of business and technology.

“The launch of IBS.Sreda is our response to the request of modern-day applicants and employees: From a company they expect transparency, openness and a willingness to engage in dialogue. We believe that traditional career portals with specially selected stories in the spirit of ‘how great it is to work at the company’ are obsolete. Our task it to create a platform where the IBS team can talk about their experience in the company, in a true-to-life and understandable manner. We have excellent people and experts working with us. They are the ones best positioned to talk about how we live, work and learn. Furthermore, it may attract like-minded people to the company. Let’s stop comparing designs and get down to the content,” said Kirill Yukhnevich, Director of Brand Development and Corporate Communications at IBS.

“The IBS.Sreda initiative is a logical step in the development of the Environmental Development corporate educational project, which has already operated successfully at IBS for a few years. The fundamental principles of Sreda, which replaced the corporate university, are openness of educational resources and a constant exchange of real-life practical knowledge and case studies from colleagues’ personal experiences. The IBS.Sreda service allow future employees to be included in the eco-system, as well as those who are interested in digital business technology,” Head of the IBS Centre of Development and Evaluation Valentina Markova said.

Tonya Samsonova, founder of the TheQuestion, said, “The purpose of TheQuestion is to give users access to the knowledge and experience that can be found within modern companies and we are glad that the experts at IBS are ready to share this knowledge with the market. Our goal is to give companies a platform and the technology, which allows them to improve the effectiveness of corporate HR communications, cooperating with the professional community as well as exchanging experience and knowledge with clients and partners.”

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